Thursday, 27 February 2014

4 Of the Unhealthiest Foods Imaginable

Yes, we need to watch what we eat and drink as they can both have pretty negative effects on our overall health and general well-being. There are hundreds upon hundreds of examples of unhealthy foods, probably thousands upon thousands in fact, but here's a look at 4 of the absolute worst examples you could imagine.
Pizza - Though it tends to taste pretty great, pizza has a reputation for being extremely unhealthy indeed. The meal itself is high in carbohydrates, and saturated fat, which is a dangerous combination in itself. On top of that, there's the fact that the dough is often made from a combination of water, hydrogenated oils, and processed white flour, which is far, far unhealthier than whole meal flour. The dough is then topped with a tomato puree, before being finished off with a liberal helping of full-fat cheese and often a number of cooked meats as well. There are healthier alternatives, but for the most part, pizza is a greasy food with very little nutritional value.
Doughnuts - If you want an example of a food that is truly extremely harmful for your health, and your waistline as well, then doughnuts are what you'll find. They're made from a dough/batter that's made from processed white flour, sugar, and other artificial additives. It's then shaped into a ring or a ball, and is dropped into vegetable oil or fat and deep fried until crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside. It's then dusted with sugar and icing, and often filled full of sugary jam or cream. Doughnuts contain huge traces of sugar making them a big contributor towards diabetes.
French fries - French fries are another example of a food that's high in fat and carbohydrate, as well as salt too. Any food that is deep fried is unhealthy as it is cooked in pure fat or oil, but French fries are even worse as they're so small, so they have an increased surface area. The bigger the surface area, the more fat and oil they're able to absorb.
Fizzy drinks - OK, they're not exactly a food, but fizzy drinks are absolutely awful, which is why they made the list. These drinks contain no nutritional value in the slightest, and they're rich in sugar, making them prime examples of empty calories. One can of cola for example, contains almost 10 teaspoons full of sugar, and that's just one can. Drinking just two cans a day will yield around 20 teaspoons full of sugar, which is not good in the slightest.

By Andrew Jowett

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Milk Thistle - How It Can Help With Various Health Conditions

Milk Thistle is a plant whose various parts, especially the seeds are used for making effective medicines for various liver problems such as jaundice, cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, liver conditions caused by alcohol and chemicals and gallbladder problems.
It is also believed by many that milk thistle extracts result in a number of health benefits in people with type 2 diabetes. Let us discuss some of the ways it can help people with type 2 diabetes:
  • It is often believed that milk thistle can help in improving insulin resistance, which is a significant symptom of type 2 diabetes.
  • When combines with other traditional treatment methods, milk thistle can help in bringing down the levels of blood sugar.
  • It is also considered effective in lowering the levels of LDL, the bad cholesterol in the blood, thereby improving the condition of the heart.
Whether milk thistle can result in the same health benefits even in non-diabetic people need to be known through further medical studies.
Silymarin, which is the most significant and active component in the product extracts is known to serve as an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The health advantages of milk thistle are primarily due to the presence of silymarin on it. Let us discuss the various ways you can benefit from it:
Protection of Cells: It can successfully bind to the outside of the liver cells, thereby efficiently obstructing the entry of several toxins into the liver. In addition, silymarin has the power to neutralize the effects of the toxins that are already present in the liver. The neutralizing effects of silymarin also help the liver cells in fighting the harmful effects of dangerous chemicals like alcohol, acetaminophen, carbon tetrachloride and certain other prescribed medicines.
Cell Regeneration: Various factors like excessive consumption of alcohol, chronic hepatitis and some prescription drugs like antidepressants and medicines used for lowering the levels of cholesterol in the blood can considerably damage the liver cells. Silymarin has some amazing healing powers to help damaged liver cells get rejuvenated and renewed.
Treatment of Fibrosis: Factors like chronic viral hepatitis and alcohol abuse can cause inflammation in the liver cells leading to fibrosis. Silymarin helps the liver cells not only by blocking toxins from entering into the liver, but also by preventing liver damages from getting worse.
Boosts the Growth of Antioxidants: Silymarin helps in the production of powerful antioxidants in the body such as glutathione and superoxide dismutase.
You can take that in the form of supplements or in tea or in combination with other herbs. According to various medical studies, it can be taken on a regular basis for up to a period of 41 months without the chances of any major side effects. However, in some rare cases, there might be a few side effects that you should be aware of:
  • Sometimes it can cause diarrhea.
  • In extremely rare cases, it can cause nausea, gas, bloating and upset stomach.
  • It should advisably be avoided by women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding.
  • The effects of the product resembles greatly with that of estrogen. Hence it should be best avoided by women, especially those with fibroid tumors or endometriosis.
The best way to know the health benefits of the product and how it can help you is to consult a health care practitioner.

By Donald Finch

Unhealthiest Sources of Carbohydrates on the Planet

The problem is that there are two different types of carbohydrates. There are "complex" carbs, and there are "simple" carbs. Complex carbs are considered healthier than simple carbs, as they're often found in foods such as whole meal bread, pasta, rice, potatoes root vegetables etc. Simple carbohydrates are found in processed junk foods, fizzy drinks, desserts etc. They are far, far unhealthier and for that reason here's a look at four of the worst sources imaginable.
Bagels - Bagels are made from processed white flour and often contain other artificial ingredients, flavourings, and preservatives, making them stodgy and hard to digest. Not only that, but they're also very high in calories as well, with an average sized bagel containing around 300 calories and containing over 50 grams of carbohydrates. When you also consider the fact that bagels are often topped with other foods rich in calories such as creamed cheese etc, you have yourself a very calorific snack indeed.
Cheese crackers - Cheese crackers are another prime example of a food that's high in calories and low in nutrition. In fact, calling them low in nutrition is being pretty generous. In truth, these foods contain almost no nutritional value at all. They're processed with white flour, and they're absolutely packed full of artificial chemicals such as additives, flavourings, colours, and preservatives. They also contain high-fructose corn syrup, which is a sugar syrup solution that is obtained from corn, that has been found to be unbelievably unhealthy for the human body. These snacks are high in calories, high in fat, high in carbs, and low on nutrition, so stay clear.
Pastries - Pastries such as baked goods (cakes, buns, pies, pasties, baked slices etc) contain everything that is unhealthy about food. They're rich in processed white flour, the pastry contains butter or animal fat, and the fillings are often rich in sugar. Anything with a pastry crust or topping is not good for you as the nutritional value is minimum, and the fat and carb content is often very high indeed.
Milk chocolate - Milk chocolate is another example of a food that should only be consumed as a little treat now and then, because it does tend to taste pretty nice. Milk chocolate contains milk, cream, and dairy produce which is already high in sugar. Combine this with the fact that the chocolate also contains fats and sugars, and you have a very unhealthy snack indeed. You can of course treat yourself now and then with a piece or two, but a bar or two is asking for trouble.

By Andrew Jowett

Ballet Shoes - The Importance of Wearing the Right Ones

The major reason which determines the purchase of the ballet shoes is comfort. Being a ballerina you always expect your feet movements to match with the theme of the dance and shoes are the major fact which influences it. If these are comfortable then the ballerina simply forgets the idea of wearing a shoe and concentrates more on her dance.
There are wide varieties of ballet shoes present in the market and it is often quite confusing to choose the ones which match your feet. Ballet shoes basically for foot support of the ballerina. If you are a beginner then go for the soft ballet shoes made up of leather, satin and canvas material made up of full sole or half sole. Full sole offers full support to the feet extending from the foot to the toe. Beginners are to wear the full sole shoes until their foot muscles are eligible to do the pointe step.
Pointe step is one of the important aspects of a ballet dance and one requires complete control over their legs to do this step. Through vigorous dance sessions and hard work the muscles present in the arch of the ballerina's foot develops making it easy to do pointe steps. Now as the dancer advances to this stage they can wear split sole shoes. These set of shoes has a break between heel and ball of the foot and thereby brings in more flexible movements to the feet to bring in a stunning performance.
Performing pointe step indicates that there is good muscle and bone growth in the arch of the ballerina's foot. During the dance and workout sessions often the shoes undergo a good amount of endurance causing wear. Hence it is important to choose the right fabric which is both light weight and resistant to wear. Ballet pointe shoes are available in leather and satin materials. Of the both leather is best as it offers good comfort and great resistance to wear. Maintenance is easy for leather shoes and also is more breathable. Satin is more delicate than leather shoes with the same features and if you prefer these set then use them during important stage performances. If you prefer for a cheaper purchase then go for satin shoes. Once you have decided the type of shoe and fabric then try wearing them on and the best ballet shoes is available in many leading stores, preferably choose the brands.
By Benny Jose 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Spirit Bear Story Part Three

The Spirit Bear Story Part Three
Since falling into a bears den on New Years Day 2009, a slew of events began to transpire. Two weeks later Steph went out to the den, with an old Sony video camera a local friend Anne from Poland leant us to help get some footage of the hibernating bear. It was only then did we realize that the hibernating bear was actually an elusive White Kermode Spirit Bear, we later named Apollo.
Unfortunately the camera only had a two hour battery that required regular changing. That would be OK under normal circumstances, except that when I went to change the batteries this time, I also had to confront a hungry five hundred pound Kermode Spirit Bear. I would always approach his den talking in a soft voice to him as to not surprise him in any way. I quickly started to look for alternative ways to get some photography of the bear without threatening my life at the same time.
We sought some techie help from Terrace, but found the advice was for naught and also costly. Then we asked our friend Jethro for some assistance. Jethro is a multimedia specialist and in no time had us set up with electricity to the den site along with a box of coaxial cable to stream Apollo's behaviors.
From the beginning, Steph and I saw Apollo as a gift to the world. I don't know that anyone ever will find another Spirit Bear den and film the hibernation like we could. We literally have thousands of hours of the best natural research ever on what really goes on in the den. More about this later.
The next thing that happened was spring. All the bears are out and we are busy filming everything that moved on four paws. Steph even made a film while in a neighbors dandelion field called "Parmenters Bears". You can see it on you tube. I was amazed at how comfortable I had become around the furry fellows. Not so comfortable as to ignore the "tells" when a bear with a little attitude would approach me.
What is a "tell" you ask? Well, when you hang around bears enough, and really watch them, you see they have a pattern about how they graze and protect. Head down and munching the grass, then they take three steps while eating. Then they'll look up to see if anyone is interested. Head down again, walk three steps while eating and check again.
Then one day I saw a young bear heading our way. Except after taking three steps while eating his head didn't come up. That's a "tell". He did something out of the ordinary. Out of pattern. He kept walking toward us head down like a little sneaker.
He was approaching us with some cunning, or trying to be sly. So I would call him on it. I'd say out loud: "Hey bear, what do think you're doing"? "Trying to get in close and personal are ya?" The more I talked directly at them, the faster they would find other grassy areas to eat their favorite dandelions in. As I said earlier in the story. Bears don't get out of bed looking for a fight. Only people do.
We worry about him. Because there are hunters in the area that would kill him, just to say they did. Nothing makes me more sick than to see some outdoor film with a guy hanging in a chair hoisted from high in a tree, out of the bears scent, and then murder them as they come along unsuspecting.
That spring Steph and I set up cameras on our 800 ft. driveway to catch the bears eating the multiple berries that grew wild along the road's edge. Not only did we see Apollo, we saw another Kermode that looked like it had a big pot belly. The locals called her Snowball. I would have called her Bigfoot by how large her back flipper like feet were.
Apollo and Snowball and many other black bears were caught berry red handed by our cameras that spring. But the berries don't last long and neither does spring, so we had a chance to catch our breath and catch up on how to better film the bears.
The more we thought about what had happened that summer, the more we saw an opportunity to let the whole world in on seeing our Kermode bear. Our neighbors were encouraging us to carry on, and carry on we did. The next thing we knew we were creating the web site bcspiritbear.
Later that year I found 800 feet of used number 10 electrical cable. An inch thick and heavy. The John Hancock Wildlife Foundation showed up with huge support by lending us cameras and streaming equipment. He's famous for streaming the baby eaglets on Hornby Island. If it wasn't for John, this story would not have happened. Finally, Steph got an old tablet laptop from Jethro that would be used later to stream the bear from his den.
Steph took a huge step up in her technical knowledge of computers and took John and Jethro's every lead and suggestion to make the streaming possible. I took on the job of laying out 600 feet of cable from our house and hooking it up to a solid base wood 2X4 camera stand while it was twenty below zero out. Jethro's outdoor camera housing did a great job of keeping our cameras from the cold and wet.
All of this was actually done in an immense amount of tension and last minute deadlines. Half way through setting up the stream we realized we were close to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. So the push was on to get the feed ready to help make Canada look awesome to the world. The stream was to act as filler. The CBC, Canada's main TV station, would play the stream from Apollo's den in between the winter sports events on the huge TV screens dotted all throughout the greater Vancouver area and across Canada.
I remember getting greeting cards from different students in the United States where the teachers had moved TVs into the classrooms to see the bear Apollo do his hibernation thing. There was a few embarrassing moments when Apollo introduced us to what the benevolent local Conservation Officers called Auto Genital Stimulation. AGS for short.
If you're every wondering how a bear finds the strength to leave a den after four months of no food, and go prowling for some skunk cabbage roots to clean his unused digestive system out with, he uses hormones. One of the most powerful substances known to man. (And bears.) Apparently a male bear will lick his private parts until properly stimulated. This will then activate the hormones that give him the physical strength to go and find food.
I'm sure there was a teacher or two making a mad dash for the TV mute button when they saw that one coming onto the screen. Sorry guys, nature is nature. And nature doesn't come with an instant delete button. Sorry kids, if that gave you an education that would have come later in life.
There were a few times we had some high winds that knocked the camera out of position. The other times Apollo would knock the camera out of kilter when he would just brush by the camera stand going into and out of his den. I would then have to go out and repair the pole the camera was on, directly in front of Apollo. Less than ten feet away from his face.
At the time it seemed awfully exciting. A test of my martial arts disciplines in centering myself. Especially in front of a live five hundred pound hungry bear. To this day I am still amazed that I am alive to tell this story. When I see some of the old footage, I have to implore anyone who thinks that that is OK to do that, not to. Listen to you local Conservation Officers. It's not safe to do that!
One of the really touching filmed moments with Apollo was watching him make a pillow. He would stretch out his great big claws and skreef or rake a bunch of forest material his way from just outside the den. Then he would use his claws to clamp on and remove the larger pieces of twigs and larger sticks, leaving the little branches and leaves behind. These he would rake into his den and make a nice soft pillow for his head.
Eventually the snow melted, the Olympic sports enthusiasts went their way, and Apollo left the den. That was when CBC came for their interviews of us, and see some up close and personal pictures of Apollo's den. Then we viewed some of our best archived moments we had saved of Apollo's antics. It's been almost three years now since that experience and I'm pleased to say that a local fellow of good repute named Morgen saw Apollo just a couple of weeks ago, as of May 2014.
Thanks for reading. Harreson Waymen
Harreson Waymen is a certified holistic Hellerwork health care practitioner, with over thirty years of physio-psycho therapeutic experience. Presently he works with his wife Stephanie developing web sites like natural hearing aids for hearing loss, nutritional articles, and the spirit bear, Apollo.
His background started with a degree in psychology from L'ecole Montreal, Quebec. Then finished with many different degrees and certificates in the health care field in Victoria, B.C. Canada. Such as N.L.P., Under The Code Therapy, Voice Dialogue Therapy, Thomas Hanna Somatics, Reiki Master, Hellerwork and Shamanic Healing.

By Harreson R Waymen

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Healing With Hydrotherapy

Did you know the healing benefits of hydrotherapy dates back thousands of years? Known by many of the world's greatest cultures, water therapy was used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans who all believed water therapy was the key to optimal health and well-being. In India, hydrotherapy treatment included the inhalation of steam to optimize the respiratory system, and the people of Japan and Germany have long used natural hot springs for medical, beauty and anti-aging treatments. So, what about the modern day benefits of hydrotherapy?'
Health Benefits of Hot Tubs and Spas
Hot water therapy is no longer a thing of the past. Today, hydrotherapy takes places in hot tubs and spas around the world, offering the human body a wide variety of benefits. But what actually takes place? Immersing yourself in hot water raises your body temperature and causes the blood vessels to dilate, increasing circulation. The buoyancy of the water then reduces your body weight by 85-90 percent, relieving pressure on joints and muscles, while creating the relaxing sensation of floating in space. Here are just a few of the health benefits of hot tubs and spas.
Reduce Tension, Pain and Aches
Water temperature between 94º to 96º F, which is close to your body temperature, will do wonders for reducing tension and body aches. Some people even turn the heat up to 102º to 104º F to loosen their tight, tense muscles and reduce the pain of stress-related conditions and athletic injuries. The best time to enjoy your hydrotherapy treatment is in the evening when you can take advantage of your newly relaxed state.
Sleep Like a Baby
Did you know that insomnia is the second-leading reason that people visit their doctors? Our often busy, stressful lifestyles can cause lack of sleep, leading to memory problems, nerve conditions and depression. You can help your body prepare for a deep and restful sleep by taking advantage of hot water therapy. Soak in hot water approximately 90 minutes before you plan to sleep. When you lie down, your body temperature will start dropping, which has been shown to induce sleep more easily.

Alleviate Arthritis
Arthritis is essentially the inflammation of a joint or joints that causes pain and swelling. Considering that approximately one of every three families has someone who suffers from this disease, the fact that water therapy can improve the symptoms is very good news for many. According to the Arthritis Foundation, people whose arthritis symptoms respond well to heat have discovered the many benefits hydrotherapy. In a home spa or hot tub, the buoyancy of the hot water therapy makes it a comfortable environment for relieving arthritis symptoms while improving the range of motion.
Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction
Not up for going to the gym for a workout? Believe it or not, the health benefits of hot tubs and spas include the improvement of your physical appearance. Hydrotherapy can aid in weight loss, and even help diminish the appearance of cellulite. When you soak in a spa, it simulates exercise by dilating blood vessels and promoting better circulation, while relaxing your muscles and skin. It can also increase your heart rate and lower blood pressure.
Keep in mind, while the benefits of hot tubs and spas are widely accepted, hydrotherapy is not for everyone. If you're pregnant, or have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other medical condition, consult your physician before starting hot water therapy. If you're healthy enough to try it, what are you waiting for? Contact your local pool and spa business to discuss your options.

  By Steve Metz

Ways To Prevent The Need For Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy is a non-surgical therapy to relieve back pain that involves being strapped to a specially designed, computer controlled table to have your spine stretched in minute increments to relieve pressure on compressed discs. The therapy alternates periods of relaxation with periods of spine stretching, officially referred to as distraction.
This type of therapy can become a necessity for those who have injured their backs and prefer a less invasive solution to the pain that what surgery offers.
Generally those who need or seek this type of therapy are people who have sciatica, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, pinched nerves and bulging discs which can often be caused by bad posture, repetitive stress, acute injury or bad body mechanics.
There's not much anyone can do about acute injury, but some of the other causes can be controlled to reduce the chance of any type of spinal treatment.
Proper posture can mean the difference between a strong and healthy back and one that's injured and requires treatment just so you can function during your daily tasks. One point many don't realize about good postures is that it should always be moving a little bit. It's when your posture isn't moving that pain and injury are waiting to happen. And this pain and injury is too often avoidable and self afflicted.
The goal is to work with the natural gentle s-curve of the spine. In its natural s-curve position, the spine is like a spring mount and can handle quite a bit of strain. But if it's moved out of its s-curve, strain and injury can be magnified.
To make sure you keep your spine in its natural s-curve position, always make sure the small of your back and lumbar region form a slight hollow. As you go up the spine, it should produce a convex area between the shoulder blades.
One way to make sure you keep the s-curve is to keep the muscles strong. If some muscles are weakened, the stronger ones will try to compensate which adds unnecessary strain to your spine.
Repetitive Stress
Certain types of jobs require continually moving the body into a certain position in order to get the necessary tasks completed. A repetitive stress injury with the spine occurs when the back is overused or exerted by having to work harder than it should, stretch further than it should and take on more impact than it should. The stress of the spine isn't felt initially, but continued movements create constant stress which can cause damage.
The best way to reduce and even completely prevent repetitive stress injury on your back is to practice good body mechanics.
Good Body Mechanics
Body mechanics is the term used to describe the way the body moves. It involves a complex balance between the skeleton, muscles and tendons. Good body mechanics is the process of completing a task while putting as little strain on the skeleton, muscles and tendons as possible.

By Robin Khan

How You Can Avoid Injury in Any Sport

Sports are getting more attention and increased participation in recent years. Better programs have been in place for those who want to try out their skills in any sport, and there might just be a way for people who need to uncover their inner athletic abilities.
As interest in sports rises, so do the cases of injury. The good news is, 50% of all sports injuries can be avoided. Here are some useful tips and preventive strategies you can apply to ensure a good and safe game every time:

1. Ask your physician.
Don't get too excited about taking part in a physical sport. It is wise to ask your doctor about your plans. This is particularly advised for those who had medical issues in the past or are undergoing medication. Make sure you get properly evaluated physically before making that big leap. Remember, your passion for sports should make you a healthier, better person.
2. Prepare by getting in shape.
Prior to actually participating in any sport, it is best that you give your body the chance to be prepared for it. If you suddenly take part in a strenuous marathon without any experience or understanding of your body, you are in for a serious injury. Seek your doctor's or coach's advice, or ask your good, supportive friends about how to introduce the activity to your body by getting in shape.
3. Take easy, gradual steps.
No one succeeds overnight, not even the best athletes in the world. It takes a lot of effort, a lot of time and a lot of getting to know your body's strengths and weaknesses to become the real deal in your chosen sport. Start slow, and as time passes, increase the intensity of your routines and take the higher step toward reaching your athletic goals. It is never wise to "do too much too soon;" in fact, this is the perfect formula for injury.
4. Drop overconfidence.
Your passion and fervor for your selected sport may be commendable, but know your limits. Be where beginners should be, and adjust accordingly as you enter the intermediate to the advanced levels. When you think too highly of your skills, you risk suffering a case of serious injury. Don't overdo it; conquer one mountain at a time.

5. Wear the right sports gear.
Sports equipment and gear are not exactly for show. Well, some helmets, protective eyewear and mouth guards may be visually pleasing with all their styles and colors. Essentially, however, they are made to keep you protected. Wear them properly and at all times as required. It is also important that you keep such equipment in tiptop condition and change them as needed. Remember, it's not enough that you have all that you need to avoid injury; you need to make sure they work properly and are not broken or damaged.

By Dave E Carter

Five Extraordinary Bridge Moments

1. The Deadliest Game
In 1929, John and Myrtle Bennett of Kansas City invited their neighbours Charles and Myrna Hofman over for a friendly game of bridge. For the first couple of hours the Bennetts had the distinct upper hand. However, the Hofmans managed to catch up and were leading by a small margin when the fatal hand occurred. Mr Bennett overbid a 4 Spade contract, failed by two tricks and had the audacity to criticize his wife's bidding. This pushed Mrs Bennett over the edge and she subsequently shot her husband dead.
The jury chose to ignore the physical evidence of one dead husband, a pistol with her prints and multiple bullet holes and acquitted her (there were rumours that the presiding judge was a keen bridge player). She even managed to collect a sizeable insurance payment, but had trouble thereafter finding a bridge partner.
2. How a stick of Gum won a Bridge Tournament
In the final round of the 1934 Men's Pair New York Championship, Ely Culbertson partnered with Ted Lightner against Oswald Jacoby and David Burnstine. To win the championship, Lightner risked bidding 6 Spades with Culbertson to be dummy. Burnstine, knowing Culbertson's reluctance to wait, decided to take his time. He deliberately paused to take a stick of gum from his pocket, took it out of its wrapper and chewed it for a moment.
At this stage, Culbertson was in a heightened state of anticipation and was actually writhing in his seat. Burnstine hadn't decided what to lead and eventually threw the chewing-gum wrapper on the table. Quick as lightening, Culbertson threw his dummy on the table, realized his error and scooped them up. But it was too late - Burnstine had seen the cards, realized what was needed for a killer lead and defeated the contract.
3. The Alcatraz Coup
Alcatraz or "The Rock" is an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay that was a Federal prison until 1963. Supposedly contract bridge was very popular there and the term "Alcatraz coup" was coined. The "coup" is declarer's intentional and unethical attempt to locate a finessable card by revoking.
For example, South is declarer and holding the Ace, Jack, 10, 8 and 5 of Hearts in Dummy and the King, 9, 7 and 6 in his hand. He can't locate the Queen and doesn't want to risk a Finesse. Since he had no other losers he claims the remaining tricks, pretending that he has "forgotten" about the Queen. The Alcatraz Coup has just occurred.
Poor old West pipes up that declarer must play on, thus revealing that he must have the Queen. Treacherous. Everyone now knows that finessing West is a sure winner. In the outside world, a furious West would call for the tournament director. However, there were no such directors on the Rock, but you would imaging the guards would be called to calm the ensuing riot.
4. The Bermuda Foot-Tapping Scandal
The Bermuda Bowl is a biennial world championship contract bridge tournament for national teams. The best known controversy occurred in 1975 when it was held at home in Bermuda. While watching one of the Italian pairs, journalist Keidan reported that partners Gianfranco Facchini and Sergio Zucchelli were touching each other's shoes under the table in an apparent attempt to relay information about their hands.
This sinister discovery, which was confirmed by several witnesses, was presented to the presiding authorities of the event, who "severely reprimanded" Facchini and Zucchelli for their activity but allowed the players to continue competing in the event. However, to prevent any future temptation to foot-signal, the Bermuda Bowl authorities placed blocks underneath the tables.
5. The Buenos Aires Affair
In 1965, Britain's Terence Reese and Boris Schapiro were accused of cheating at the world championships in Buenos Aires. At a hearing held at the tournament, the World Bridge Federation found them guilty of transmitting finger signals to each other indicting how many hearts each held. Both players were banned for the remainder of the tournament. British captain Ralph Swimer forfeited all his team's matches and withdrew Great Britain from the competition.
This accusation, however, was mired in doubt. After many months of analysis the "Foster Enquiry" concluded that Reese and Schapiro had not been proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and therefore acquitted them. The British Bridge League eventually found Reese and Schapiro innocent of cheating; however, the World Bridge Federation found them guilty and banned them from WBF events for three years.

By Naomi Mooney

My Segway Rally Experience

Despite the fact that I've never been one for your every day motorsports, such as cars and motorbikes, I have always wanted to try out Segway driving, and so with my birthday fast approaching and my friends asking what I was doing to celebrate, I came up with the idea of a Segway rally experience.
I think the reason why I have always wanted to have a go at Segway driving is because of seeing people in films and TV shows just casually riding along on one... I can just picture a scene in my head - two people walking through a park and there's a couple of Segway drivers rocking along in the background looking all cool...
And you'll only see this on American shows and films too, and why's that? Well unfortunately it's illegal to ride a Segway on UK public roads and paths! So unless you've got a few thousands pounds and a large piece of private land to really have a go at whizzing about, there's only one way to get on one of these unique eco friendly vehicles - and that's through Segway gift experience days!
The Segway Experience
Seven of us turned up for the Segway rally and it was exciting the first time you got onto the vehicle. For a start, it was a lot studier than I thought it would be, so I didn't feel frightened about falling off easily. We were also kitted out in helmets, shin pads and elbow pads should we fall.
We were given full instructions on how to use the controls, and although it was a weird feeling to begin with, it wasn't too long until it started to feel more natural standing up right and moving.
The controls are very simple; it's just the fact you need to get over how strange it all feels! The Segway uses special technology, which means it can balance with the help of dual computers that run propriety software, two tilt sensors and five gyroscopic sensors, and so the machine can be driven and steered by sensing the shifting body weight of the driver - lean forward to go forwards, backwards to reverse and side-to-side to steer. The speed is also controlled by the change in the balance point.
After having a bit of practice and trying to make the machine glide along rather than judder, it was soon time to get competitive and spend the next half an hour racing my friends along the off road course that was situated in a sort of forest setting.
Ready, set, GO!
Hovering along and getting to grips with the various obstacles, humps and bumps on the pathway, as well as trying to perfect the corners without slowing down too much, made for a truly awesome rally experience!
Although it's fair to say that a Segway rally might not be as fast or demanding as, say karting for example, it's most certainly great fun and that thing can pick up some serious speeds, especially when you come to your last few laps and have got used to the controls.
Sadly, I didn't come first, but I did come in a respectful third, and as I keep telling my friends, next time I'll win!
There are loads of other ways of having a Segway experience, but the one that I would love to try out next is a Segway tour around a UK visitor attraction, and after that a city tour in somewhere like Florence or Paris! Maybe I'll let people know next time they are looking for gift ideas for my birthday.

By Shelly Carter

AussieGrit - A Look Back

The formidable Australian walked through the Formula One paddock for the last time in Brazil. Mark Webber has captured the hearts of Formula One fans all over the world through his 12 year period in the sport.
Mark's journey began in 2002 as a Minardi driver where he qualified in 18th place on his debut in front of what would become his adoring fans in Australia; but the story that weekend was not that he out qualified his team mate Alex Yoong in the same car on the Saturday, it was to be the stunning performance to keep his car out of trouble and steer it to an incredible fifth place securing 2 points for the team who had not scored a point in three years. Most Formula One fans will remember that Mark finished fifth in his first race more than they can remember who actually won that race. From that moment a new star was born.
The future looked positive for Webber, when Jaguar came and signed him for the 2003 season. However, Mark could only come close on certain occasions to snatching a podium in his time at Jaguar. As reliability cursed this bright new talent's ride to the top, as Mark found himself talking to press more halfway through the races rather than finishing them. Hope was beginning to fade for Mark Webber as a competitive drive was alluding him.
Despite the struggles at Jaguar, Mark's talent was not ignored as he joined one of the big name teams in Williams who had been a major force in Formula One for decades. Everyone in the paddock was expecting too finally see the best of Mark Webber who had shown glimpses of it when he could at Jaguar. All of the promises though came to nothing as Williams began to lose grip on the top teams in 2005 and Webber was finding himself back in the midfield. However, in Monaco we finally saw him take to the podium with a 3rd place finish.
It was not until he moved to Red Bull in 2007 that we would see the best of Mark. He had to patiently wait for two years until he finally had a car ready to win in 2009. The race win eventually came at the German Grand Prix when even a drive through penalty was not going to stop Mark from picking up his maiden win in Formula One. We all remember that famous piece of team radio after that race with Mark Webber screaming yes down the radio. All the hard work, all the pain of missing out at Jaguar and Williams had finally escaped him when he crossed the line in Nurburgring.
It was not really Mark's talent and determination that made Formula One fans love him. It was the fact that he wore his heart on his sleeve and said whatever he liked to the media. That's why he had such a big following for the 2010 season, especially after the front wing scandal at Red Bull at Silverstone in qualifying. Mark Webber went onto win that race with the famous piece of team radio "Not bad for a number 2 driver". That day won Webber a lot of fans. Sadly Webber was not able to take the title that year. He may have never won a world championships but he will forever be the people's champion.

By Jack M Giordmaina 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Parent Alert: Making Dance Classes A Positive Experience For Your Child

Looking for a way to get your child active? It may be time to consider dance classes in your area. Not only do dance classes offer a fun way to get your little one moving, they also deliver an extensive range of other benefits as well. Strengthening social skills, building a competitive spirit and learning how to master various life challenges are just some of the many ways that dance classes can change a youngster's experience, both inside and outside of the studio.
Dance Classes: Setting Your Child Up For Optimal Success
As a parent, you'll play a key part (at least initially) in the overall experience your child will have taking dance classes. While this is a responsibility, it's important not to feel burdened by your parenting role in the studio. Understanding a few simple tips can help give you the tools you'll need for optimal success with the dancing programs you choose. When considering signing your little one up for dancing programs, it's important to:
Wait until your child is ready: Oftentimes, parents assume that starting their children in a dancing program as early as possible will set them up for long-term success. This, however, isn't necessarily true. Waiting until you see definitive signs of maturity in your young, would-be dancer can help start your experience off on the right note.
Find the right studio: What's the best way to reinforce a positive dancing experience for your little one? Find a studio qualified to train and teach young children. Do you research by asking parents you trust and/or asking for a free trial class to ensure that you're choosing the right environment for the best results.
Choose a suitable genre: Not every dancing genre suits every young dancer. Ballet, tap, and hip-hop all require their own distinctive forms of attention, focus, dedication and energy. While you should consider your child's input when putting together a program, ultimately, you know what type of engagement level is needed for optimal success. If you're uncertain about a certain style, ask the class instructors; they'll have the experience needed to help you make a final decision.
Get the right gear: Just like any other physically challenging activity, dance classes often have their own requirements for what to wear. Consult with the teachers at your studio to make sure you have the right wardrobe based on the classes your young dancer is taking. The right clothing not only helps keep your student comfortable and free from injury, but it can also keep the experience fun and engaging.
Focus on the fun: Yes, you may have dreams of your child someday becoming a prima ballerina with a world-renowned troupe. And yes, that may actually happen. However, taking dance classes at a young age should be all about the fun! Help your little one stay focused on all the exciting new moves and methods he or she will be learning. Making fun a top priority is one of the best ways to keep your dancer engaged and help develop a long-term love for dancing.

By Chris A. Harmen

San Diego Water Sports

As the summer season kicks in, the time to plan your next relaxing vacation has come. American residents have plenty of choices to pick from, including the scenic Bahamas, the picturesque Hawaii, the dynamic Las Vegas and the amazing San Diego.
San Diego Water Adventures
San Diego is home to numerous tourist attractions, including the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park and the San Diego Air and Space Museum. San Diego is also one of the fabulous California cities where you can indulge in adrenaline-stimulating water adventures, and live life to the fullest.
From adventurous scuba-diving activities to relaxing swimming sessions and uplifting boat trips, the city has so much to offer to those who want to live their summer getaway to the max.
San Diego water adventures often require the rental of special equipment, such as jet ski, boats and scuba diving tools, and all you need to do is identify the best combo of affordability and quality that will match your needs. Of course, keep in mind that equipment rentals may be costly and you should allocate a portion of your budget to that.
San Diego Water Adventures - Examples
For all adventure lovers who want to experience the most exciting aspect of the sunny city, there is a variety of snorkeling tours that can give them the opportunity to enjoy observation of leopard sharks in the La Jolla area. You should go on a snorkeling mission and ''meet'' the friendly sharks. Snorkeling will also give you the chance to interact with some of the greatest representatives of California's aqua universe.
You can also enjoy all that the sunny city has to offer through jet ski tours and boating tours.
Kayaking will give you the chance to relish in the incredible views around the city's remarkable coastline and play actively in the water, while increasing your adrenaline levels to the max.
Feel the rhythm of the ocean waves and embark on a surfing adventure in the open ocean waters. You cannot believe how much your surfing activities will help you in the release of your stress and negative energy.
Water sports can stimulate your body and mind, and distract you from your daily routine. You should definitely try to dedicate a portion of your vacation getaway to water adventures, and San Diego is one of the best cities in the US for aqua pleasures. Don't forget to arrange all details in advance, and to make sure that you have sufficient time and budget to indulge yourself in the planned happy moments.

By Dana MClaren 

5 Reasons Why Unofficial Visits Pay Big Academic and Financial Dividends to Student Athletes

The question of 'unofficial visits' comes up quite a bit. The main concern is 'is it worth the time and effort and can the student-athlete and their family get any benefits and positive results from 'unofficial visits'. The answer is 'yes'. An 'unofficial visit' is a visit to a college campus where the family pays their own way and the college does not pay or reimburse the family for any of the families' expenses.
• By taking an 'unofficial visit' it shows the college coach that you have more than just a passing interest in their school. It takes a bit of time to coordinate the family schedule and make a commitment to travel to and spend a good portion of the day at a school. There is also the expense which is borne by the family. This extra effort is one of the many items a coach wants to see in a prospective student athlete. It helps to differentiate the tire-kickers from the serious buyers.
• An 'unofficial visit' or any visit usually starts with a guided walking tour of the campus which can take from 45 - 90 minutes depending on questions from the group and size of the campus. A campus visit gives the athlete and the family an opportunity to see and feel the vibration of the campus and the students. Each and every school is different. The tour visits most buildings, some classrooms, dorms, cafeteria, gym, library, student center etc. Hint - Bring a camcorder or other recording device and record the tour. After you have been on a few visits and after a few months have passed, the details of the tours tend to blend together.
Also, take the visit while school is in session. It gives you the opportunity to see more than empty buildings. Be sure to eat in the cafeteria, you will be eating it for four years. Talk to the students in the cafeteria. They did the same thing you are doing a few years ago. Ask about the classes, weekend entertainment, athletic teams, support for athletic teams, and accessibility to the professors, etc.
• Be sure to inform the coach that you will be making an 'unofficial visit' and taking a tour. Try to get an appointment to meet with the coach in his/her office while you are on campus. Bring with you: your College Prospects of America profile, coaches monthly update form, copies of your transcript or report card, SAT or ACT scores, letters of recommendation from high school and/or club coaches, highlight videos, upcoming schedule, third party information such as newspaper articles, verified stat sheets, a printed and completed version of that schools' online questionnaire.
• Do your research before making the visit. Visit their website and learn about their school. Visit the team website and learn about the team, how they did this past or current season, learn about the coach and his/her history and record. Be an informed consumer. After-all, you are interviewing them just as they are interviewing you.
• After the tour has concluded, inquire if they can offer you an application fee waiver or voucher. If you are going to the time and expense of visiting their school, many schools will waive the application fee.
With your sport in mind, explore colleges and universities that interest you, but take time to consider all the variables. Dig into all the college information you can find. Your athletic skill might help get you some financial aid. So, keep your studies and future career in mind.

By Steve Karp

What Are Packers?

The Indiana Hoosiers and Oklahoma Sooners can definitely join the Green Bay Packers in the category of strange team nicknames. I've heard it my whole life... "What is a Packer, actually?" To help answer this common question, I've put together a short article that depicts what a Green Bay Packer actually is.
To fully understand the Packers' team name, you need to rewind nearly 95 years. On August 11th 1919, Curly Lambeau and George Calhoun called together a young group of athletes. The group met in the editorial room of the old Green Bay Press-Gazette building and organized a football team. The group of young men did not know it at the time, but they founded what would become the Green Bay Packer football team that we know of today. After the team was structured, they needed funding to buy uniforms. In an attempt to obtain said funding, they turned to Lambeau's employer The Indian Packing Company - a company involved in the canned meat industry - where he worked as a shipping clerk for $250 a month. Calhoun and Lambeau had success because The Indian Packing Company provided jerseys and permitted the use of its athletic field. With this relationship, the name "Packers" was natural, and the group of young men have been known as that ever since. Now, 95 seasons later, the Green Bay Packers are still using the unique name they were founded under.
In conclusion, the team name "Packers" is one of the most unique in not only the NFL but all major American sports. Having an odd team name has never been a huge burden on the Packer fan base, but it has left the question, "What are Packers?" to be answered. In literal terms, the "Packers" were a group of young men in 1919 that played football in uniforms that were purchased by the Indian Packing Company; to recognize the funded uniforms, the team adopted the name Packers. While that is the book definition of the Packers, I believe there is much more that lies in-between the lines. When I think of what makes up a Packer, I think of an individual that proudly represents the great town of Green Bay and exhibits their proudness through the display of green and gold colors, relentless support for the Pack, and a love for an organization that they'll take to the grave. Each person is subject to their own opinion, but I believe that is what a "Packer" is, and it all stemmed from a group of guys just looking to play organized football in 1921.

By Aaron P Matthews

Monday, 17 February 2014

Helpful Tips for Your First Wedding Dance

Determine Your Dancing Tastes
You and your prospective spouse are the ones in charge of the wedding music. Decide between yourselves beforehand, which opening song best suits your ability to dance together. If dancing makes you uncomfortable or if you feel you don't know how to dance, consider taking a few dancing classes or practicing with your fiancé, a family member or friend.
You Don't Have to Wow the Audience
Knowing how to dance will certainly boost your confidence, especially since for this particular day in your life, you and your partner will be the stars of the show. Certainly you'll want to exhibit some grace and style, but you don't have to be as amazing as the Blues Brothers or offer yourself up as a candidate for dancing with the stars.
Most couples, even among skilled dancers, begin the first dance with something that is slow paced and easy to follow. They are symbolizing the harmony between each other and it's this moment of closeness that the audience anticipates, not your fancy footwork. If the footwork is there, you have the whole evening to exhibit it.
Length of the Dance
How long you and your partner remain the sole couple on the floor is also a matter of your own discretion. Some couples complete the first song to the end, while others break mid-way through the first song to bring the next couple out to the floor.
In both traditional and non-traditional weddings, the second couple usually consists of the groom asking the mother of the bride to dance and the bride dancing with the groom's father. After a few minutes, the parents then bring their own significant others to the floor. Once this has occurred, the room is open to all who wish to dance.
Memorable Moments
You want that first dance to be perfect and it will be as long as you remember the one you're truly dancing for is your partner. Choose music that closely follows the style of how you and your partner fit together, whether it's a tender love song, a formal dance that requires intricate moves or follows the patterns of genre music, such as country western or rock and roll. If you plan to break in the middle to draw others into the dance, make sure the parent of the spouse is comfortable with the music.
Weddings are a joyful occasion. While the first dance might feel solemn, it's also filled with breathless anticipation. The audience is waiting to dance happily. Bring them out onto the floor with some hard-to-resist dancing music and what they will remember is a robust celebration and some very tender photos of the bride and groom performing their first dance together.

By Akhilesh Nawani

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

ASU's Jaelen Strong Vs Derek Hagan: Putting the Sun Devil Receivers Side-By-Side

On August 9, 2013, JC transfer wide receiver Jaelen Strong became academically eligible to play football in the upcoming season at ASU. Game #1 would kick off in less than 30 days and Strong, who had high marks from recruiting services, was expected to come in and immediately contribute.
Strong was admittedly not in the best shape since he had yet to work with ASU's Strength & Conditioning Coach, Shawn Griswold. Camp Tontozona would be Strong's first real taste of the speed and toughness that Head Coach Todd Graham demanded of his players. At the same time, he was challenged with learning the new playbook and his role in ASU's offense.
As it turned out, Strong was a quick study. Since his first few weeks in Tempe, he has established himself as a true Division I threat. Strong has everything and he knows how to use it: size, strength, athleticism, good large hands and above average speed for a 6' 4" athlete. With Strong, OC Mike Norvell has added a potent weapon in the passing game, something his offense desperately needed.
Jaelen Strong's first year production
Jaelen Strong's first year production
Due to Strong's accomplishments in his short time at ASU, some fans have made comparisons between him and the great Derek Hagan who wore the Maroon & Gold from 2002-2005.
Derek Hagan played in every one of ASU's 50 games in his four seasons. In that time, he eclipsed the numbers of legendary Sun Devil receiver, John Jefferson.
Hagan became ASU's all-time leader in receptions (258), receiving yards (3,939), 100-yard games (18), receiving touchdowns (27) along with average receiving yards per game. How's this for a feat -- he averaged over 100 yards per game throughout his junior and senior seasons. All of Hagan's records are still in tact.
For fun, let's project the future stats of Jaelen Strong and compare his figures with those of Derek Hagan. We'll assume that Strong forgoes the NFL Draft in 2015 (a very real possibility) and plays all 3 years of eligibility in Tempe. In doing so, we'll multiply Srong's 2013 performance by three.
Jaelen Strong vs Derek Hagan. This is how the two players would compare under these circumstances...
Jaelen Strong over his sophomore, junior & senior seasons:
225 Receptions - 3,366 Yards - 15 Yard Avg - 21 TD's
Derek Hagan over his sophomore, junior & senior seasons:
226 Receptions - 3,534 Yards - 16 Yard Avg - 27 TD's
Now lets balance Hagan's individual season performances with Strong's impressive first season. Hagan twice caught more than 75 passes (Jaelen's 2013 total), twice caught more than 1,122 yards (Jaelen's 2013 total), twice averaged over 15 yards per catch (Jaelen's 2013 average) and in three of his four seasons, Hagen caught more than 7 touchdown passes (Jaelen's 2013 total).
Additionally, the Sun Devils played only 12 games during Derek Hagan's sophomore, junior and senior seasons. ASU played 14 games in Strong's first year.
Is it possible that Jaelan Strong will be more productive this year than he was in 2013? Absolutely. Do you think he's determined to blow out his first campaign as a Sun Devil this year? I could be wrong, but I think I can safely say on Mr. Strong's behalf, "Hell Yes."
In one season that included just 13 pre-season practices between the two, Jaelen Strong and Taylor Kelly developed great chemistry. Couple that with how fast Strong has transitioned from the JC level to Division I, and it's reasonable to assume that his ceiling is much higher.
The "challenge" for Strong individually this year is that ASU's receiving corp is loaded with incoming 4-star talent. The Devils also have young receivers already on the roster like speedster Cameron Smith and the tough & physical Ellis Jefferson. A team-first player, Strong should firmly remain the leader of the group, but it's possible that his receptions drop off some.
On the flip side, if you look at Derek Hagan's record setting receptions and remember that he shared the load with the likes of Terry Richardson, Rudy Burgess and Zach Miller, perhaps Strong will catch even more passes in 2014. These are the type of quandaries that any die hard Sun Devil fan should enjoy mulling over.
Jaelen Strong is an exciting, elite college football receiver who should garner more national attention this fall. But ten years ago, ASU's Derek Hagan set the bar extremely high, even for someone with the talent of Jaelen Strong, to challenge his spot at the top.

By Mike D Howell

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Immigration Doctors

Have you been wondering how you can get the best immigration doctor? Do you know what these doctors do or the types of services that they offer? Well, here are some insights to guide you through.
The Role of Immigration Professional Doctors

An immigration doctor:
  • Performs immigration physical exams
  • Advise and help you to make physical health adjustments so that you can pass the immigration tests.
  • Offer you documents to indicate the results of a physical exam.
Immigration Doctors' Qualifications
For an immigration doctor to be able to offer their services, they must be experienced, registered and skilled in this area. Essentially, they should be in a position to offer quality services to all immigration clients. Therefore, when looking for immigration best doctors, you should evaluate their professional capacity and legitimacy.
What Is A Physical Exam?
A physical exam is meant to give a true picture of the wellbeing of an individual. Important aspects such blood pressure, weight and cholesterol levels are thoroughly examined in the process. Doctors will normally ask questions on the health history of individuals. They will also conduct various tests namely:
  • Visual tests
  • Sign tests
  • Laboratory tests
  • Listening of the vitals such as lungs and heart beat
  • Mammograms
  • Paps smear
  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes and HIV tests among others
Once a doctor has determined that you are in perfect health, they will give you documents to indicate so, which will further give a better standing at the immigration office. When several health complications are identified, they may recommend that you go through treatment, and further conduct the same tests afterwards. Further, they could advise you on how to remain healthy based on the examination results.
Booking an Appointment Is Crucial
Most immigration doctors offer services to people who have booked for an appointment with them. In most cases, these doctors are on high demand, and it is almost impossible to find one who can perform the examinations without you having booked for an appointment. Good news is that most of these service providers can squeeze in time to offer services even during weekends or holidays.
Most doctors who perform physical examinations are not necessarily certified to offer services on immigration physical tests. Specializing in this field means that the doctor has obtained the experience, skills and registration details to offer the tests. Therefore, even if you have had previous examinations with your doctor, you still need to go to immigration doctors for services.

By Varshil Morakhiya

Make Your Event Unique With Brazilian Dancers

Whether you are organizing any event, or are looking forward to organizing a party, entertainment is the key element in these events or parties. Even a serious event requires an element of fun so that it can create a perfect mood for the guests. As an organizer, you can think of various types of entertainment to lift the spirits of your guests.
Well, if you want to try out something new and unique, you can get Brazilian dancers for hire. It is a well known fact the Brazilian dance is popular all over the world. The dance form is filled with glamour, passion and style. As a result, when you hire them to perform a show at your stage, nothing can be better than that.
Hire The Best Dancers For Complete Entertainment
Now that you have decided to hire Brazilian dancers for entertainment, it is obvious that you would want to get the best ones. Thus, you need to start your research so that you come across the best option and get the best form of entertainment.
Availability Of Many Companies:
There are many companies that offer the services of Brazilian dancers. Therefore, if you research carefully, you will surely come across the best option. There are dance groups that are known to offer entertainment in various parties and events. A group can comprise of singers, dancers and musicians. However, if you want only the dancers, you can hire them separately.
Experienced And Renowned:
Make sure that the dancers or the groups of dancers that you hire are experienced and renowned. This will ensure that they will offer the best performance at the stage something that you or your guests have never witnessed in live before. Consequently, you will be able to indulge yourself and your guests with a classy and dazzling form of entertainment.
Visually Astonishing:
These dancers can give a visually astonishing performance to the entire crowd. In fact, they will create such a mesmerizing effect that your guests will get an idea of the real carnival ambience in Rio de Janeiro.
Bring A Wow Factor:
The dance show conducted by some of the most renowned dancers will get a sense of wow factor among your guests and they will remember your event for a long time. It is not only the dance and their moves with which they will impress your guests, but also the original costumes from Rio de Janeiro. The colorful feathers and the shiny appearance of outfits will please and satisfy your guests to the fullest.

By Arun Kumar Biswal 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Hey Rowdy, I Have a Cat Named !

Some articles give you great insight with a straight forward title, "Johnson Wins 6th Cup Title", others make you read them in their entirety to understand. To completely understand this title, we must journey back to early November.
My family and I just finished dinner and were heading out to our car on a frigid fall night. As we approach our car my 4 year old son, Rusty, notices two kittens hiding under our car, using the warmth from the engine to stay warm. These kittens were no older than 6 weeks and immediately my son was attached. While I don't share the same passion for cats as my wife and son, I am not heartless. I told Rusty that we could take them home, give them some food and a nice warm, safe place to sleep but in the morning we would need to start looking for their forever home. As we made the drive back to our house, Rusty was giddy with excitement. The kittens were crawling all over him, licking his face, and then I hear his little voice say, " The gray one is Newman and the black and white one is Rowdy."
Fast forward two weeks. We are in South Florida for the final race of 2013. This has become a yearly tradition for us. We attend the Camping World Truck race for a few reasons: they are shorter which is better for my son; in my opinion, competition from start to finish is best in this series; smaller crowds equal lesser chance to having beer spilled on you.
When we got to the track and saw that Rowdy was driving, my son smiled ear to ear. To him, Rowdy is more than a race car driver. Even though he has yet to shake his hand, they are friends. It's funny how we pick our favorite drivers. My wife is a Ryan Newman fan thanks to his work with the Rescue Ranch and because they are both Purdue Alumni. Rusty chose Rowdy for a different reason. CEOs and CFOs, get your pens out and take note. The brightly colored, oversized M&Ms strategically placed on the hood, quarter panel, and bumper cover is all Rusty needed to see to pick his favorite driver.
As we took the tram under the speedway and emerged inside the track, Cup practice had just started. You could see his eyes light up as that 18 car roared past and I hear "Rowdy!" from his little voice. We took some time to get settled in, then headed off looking to get a closer view of the man under that M&Ms helmet. We see his car come in to the garage and leave several times but never catch a glimpse of him, though we did see several others drivers and a couple legendary car owners. We still had one chance left, after the truck race we would try to find Rowdy one last time.
As fate would have it, Rowdy was in contention all night long. As the race came down to a third green white checkered, I figured Rowdy was sitting pretty with his efficient restarts. Sure enough, he took the checkered flag, did an unbelievable burnout, then waved to the crowd. Rusty and I headed to victory lane to catch a peek of his "friend."
Rowdy pulled into victory lane. He wiped his face, dawned his racing cap and crawled from his truck. The confetti flew and my son was in heaven. He grabbed up some confetti, climbed atop my shoulders and started screaming "Rowdy" while waving profusely. As the celebration was winding down, we headed toward the pit gate to leave; excited, tired, and fulfilled from the day's events. As we approached the gate Rowdy and his wife walked past us, shoulder to shoulder with my son. Next thing I know my son hollers out "Hey Rowdy, I have a cat named Rowdy!" While Rowdy doesn't stop to acknowledge, his wife Samantha turns and giggles.

By R Curtis Roehm