Saturday, 21 June 2014

How To Travel-In and Enjoy Your Lambeau Experience

The following is a guide for traveling in and enjoying your Lambeau Field experience.
1) Reserve a Hotel Room:
The first step in the planning process is knowing what game you want to go to. Regardless of what game interests you most, you need to be prepared to book a weekend stay at a hotel months in advance. On home game weekends there is no option for a single night stay; the minimum stay is two nights. While this may be one extra night of paying for a hotel, it will make a big difference in your Green Bay experience.
2) Get Tickets
There are many different ways to obtain tickets and not all of them include purchasing them in advance; you can show up in Green Bay on game day and find a ticket(s) no problem. However, if you're trying to make the most of the game day atmosphere I would suggest having your tickets prior to game day so you're not occupied shopping for your tickets.
3) Travel Inbound for the Game
So, at this point it's game weekend. Your party has hopefully determined whose car you'll be taking and when you're hitting the road. I recommend an SUV and hitting the road at a time which will allow you to check in with the hotel at the earliest time possible; the sooner you arrive, the more time you allow to experience a game weekend in Green Bay.
4) Arrive at Hotel
You've reached Green Bay! Now to be honest, this step is very open for the interpretation. You have roughly 24 hours before kickoff, so it's all a matter of asking yourself/group what you want to experience in between now and then.
Rise and shine, it's game day and you don't want to miss a thing. Pretending it's an 3:15pm game, I'd say you got to be out of the hotel no later than 10am. Get the car and cooler loaded, then head over to a parking lot of your choice. There are many options, and there is no real right or wrong. If you decide to go with an local homeowner's backyard, I would suggest staying relatively close (couple blocks) so you don't get too detached from the Lambeau atmosphere. Regardless of where you decide, tailgate your tails off until maybe 45 minutes before kickoff. Then it's time to shut it down and make your way to the stadium.
6) Enjoy the Victory
After the game is over you are in no rush because you got no traffic to beat. I would take this time to lounge around Lambeau as much as possible. Whether it's getting close to the field for some pictures or just walking around the concourse, take your time and soak in the atmosphere.
By Aaron P Matthews

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