Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Getting The Right Balance

With exercise, as with most other things in life, getting the right balance is important. Typically when we go overboard or to the extremes on something we end up paying for it in some way or perhaps other areas of our life suffer because of it. Too many of us get so caught up in our work or home front responsibilities that we fair to get in the exercise that we so desperately need. Our intentions are good but there are just too many things that call our attention away from our plan to get our workout in.
It is important to remember that getting the proper amount of exercise will actually serve to alleviate some of our other pressures and concerns or at least to make us better able to deal with them. Studies have shown that those who include exercise into their daily routines are better able to handle stress and to deal with problems that arise than those who do not exercise.
Everyone is busy but there are still ways to fit in some form of physical activity. It is not necessary to put on a pair of boxing gloves and participate in a lengthy workout or to bike ten miles or run for two hours. Those activities are great for days when there is plenty of time to have a heavy duty workout but for the typical workday something less time consuming is probably preferable. Doing something that won eat up hours that you do not have to spare and that is easier to fit into your schedule will still reap the benefits that you desire and that you need. A brisk walk will often be just the thing that will relieve your mind of concerns and allow you to regroup and be better able to tackle the challenges of the day.
Taking a few minutes out of a hectic morning or afternoon to stretch or life hand weights or hit the stairs for a mini-workout will do wonders for your energy level. The important thing is to plan ahead. If you do not commit to taking time each day to fit in some physical activity the overwhelming evidence shows that it just won't happen. Maybe throw your tennis shoes in your gym bag and keep them in your car so that you are ready when those few free moments present themselves. Making exercise a part of your daily activities will have a profoundly positive effect on the rest of your day.

By Nancy Kelsey Smith

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