Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Why Picking The Best Mountain Bike for The Money Does Not Have to Be Difficult

The reason that picking the best mountain bike for the money seems so difficult for so many people is that they fail to do the necessary steps when they want to purchase their bike. The biggest problem people run into when buying a bike is that they think any bike will be the right bike for them. They seem to take a one size fits all mentality when deciding on a bike, so they do very little, to no research on which bike to buy. Selecting the best mountain bike for the money does take research, but you do not have to be a rocket scientist to be able to find the right one for you.
So the first thing to remember is that the bike you choose has to fit you like a pair of pants or a shirt fits you. Having a bike that fits you properly will do two very important things. First, it will make sure that you have the best control and handling which will therefore reduce the number of potential accidents and injuries that you may sustain. The second thing deals with comfort and feel. Having a bike not fit you is like wearing clothes that do not fit you. If they are too tight or too big, you don't feel right. Having both the correct feel and handling in a bike is key to making sure that you have both a safe and enjoyable ride.
So what do we have to do to find the one that will both be comfortable and allow you to have the best control? That is, what are the things we have to make sure our bike has to accomplish in order to make sure you are getting the best mountain bike? Note, it doesn't mean you have to have a specialized bike and it doesn't even have to be a new one, a used will do as well.
1. Make sure that the height of the bike is correct. A bike is supposed to have at least 2-inch clearance between your inseam (crotch) and the top horizontal bar of your bike's frame when you stride it with your feet on the ground. Having a larger gap will make it much harder to control and having it shorter will lead to potentially more injuries if you know what I mean.
2. Obviously when you go biking, most of the riding you do will be off-road. This means that the frame of your bike should be strong and sturdy to sustain the stress and pressure of riding and to avoid fatal accidents. Good solid construction, good welds and the weight of the bike will all contribute to a strong and sturdy frame of your bike.
3. In order to have a comfortable ride, you want to make sure that you have the correct suspension. Because mountain bikes have to deal with more difficult terrains they need to have a suspension that can handle these tough environments. The different types of suspension are rigid, hard-tail, soft-tail or dual suspension. This is a very critical part of the bike choice, and while some prefer full suspension, most mountain bikers normally choose a hard-tail suspension.
4. The last thing to consider is the braking system of the bike. There are two different types of brakes, the standard v-brakes and the newer disc brakes. When looking at the brake system, it is important to make sure that the brake system is the more up to date disc brakes. Disc brakes are much easier to maintain and will help keep your bike in much better shape.
Keeping these items in mind will go a long ways towards getting yourself the best mountain bike for the money that will not only be safe to ride, but will also make sure that it is a comfortable ride.

By Shaari Abdullah

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